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News from the Sisters...

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Merry Christmas                                          from all at the Villa!

FMSC Lay Associates showing their Christmas JOY!

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Sisters and Lay Associates Celebrate Christmas...2022

Happy Birthday to our February "babies"!



Sr. Anna Maria  (9)

Sr. Lyssamma (10)

Villa Ladies:

Audrey Creary (20)

Margaret Bittal (22)

Lay Associates

Ray Jagelski  (10)


Pasta 2_edited.jpg

Some of our wonderful Lay Associates and Fr. Tom who were responsible for a GREAT PASTA EVENT!!

pasta 5_edited.jpg

A sampling of our many guests enjoying their Italian dinner.

pasta 9_edited.jpg

Members of the Confirmation Class of Holy Spirit Parish were our professional servers for the evening!

pasta 4_edited.jpg

         Sr. Tess and Barbara selling chances on                beautiful prizes.

pasta 3_edited.jpg

                             A HUGE                             THANK YOU
to everyone who worked so hard to bring back our Pasta Supper...planners, cooks, servers, all who attended and support us, those who donated food, prizes, and especially their time to make                      this fundraiser a great success.             Our Sisters are so grateful to all of you and assure you of our prayers for you and your families.


Pictures of our annual retreat

june 2022 tony retreat.jpg
hope retreat group_edited.jpg
sisters retreat hope_edited.jpg
hope retreat 6.jpg
lisa tony me_edited.jpg
hope retret 3_edited.jpg
hope retreat 4_edited.jpg
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